Part I Initial Report to the House of Commons (December 19, 2012) – Saskatchewan – Changes Made to the Initial Proposal

Changes Made to the Initial Proposal

The majority of the submissions to the Commission dealt with the general concept of the appropriateness of solely urban ridings. There were, nonetheless, a number of submissions that dealt specifically with proposed boundaries of individual constituencies. The Commission has, where possible, accepted the suggestions presented for changes in particular districts:

  1. In the Cypress Hills—Grasslands riding, residents acknowledged that the geographic boundaries needed to expand because of the declining population. The Commission had proposed moving the boundary eastward. The submissions convinced the commissioners that the eastern boundary should be moved back to its previous position and that the northern boundary should be extended to include Kindersley. This has been done.
  2. In the proposed Lloydminster—Battlefords—Rosthern electoral district, strong representations convinced the Commission to make the western portion of this district run north–south and to move the eastern boundary as far west as possible while still maintaining appropriate population numbers. This has been done, and the constituency will keep the name Battlefords—Lloydminster.
  3. In the proposed Kindersley—Rosetown—Humboldt electoral district, numerous submissions argued that the constituency extended too far east and west. Such comments, together with the transfer of Kindersley to Cypress Hills—Grasslands and the adjustments made to the proposed Lloydminster—Battlefords—Rosthern district, led the Commission to make significant changes to the district to the east, north and west of Saskatoon. Accordingly, this district has been reconstructed to include Rosthern but not Kindersley and has been renamed Humboldt—Warman— Martensville—Rosetown.
  4. In the Yorkton—Melville riding, a change has been made to the boundary north of Hudson Bay to include a small, isolated population.
  5. The Walsh Acres area in north Regina has been transferred from Regina—Qu'Appelle to Regina—Lewvan. This necessitated some minor adjustments in the downtown core to bring the population figures of both districts into greater equilibrium.
  6. The Commission accepted several representations for the proposed Saskatoon ridings. The southern boundary of Saskatoon—University (proposed as Saskatoon Centre—University) has been extended along 8th Street in recognition of Nutana's community of identity. To aggregate a number of similar communities of interest, Riversdale, central Saskatoon, Westmount, Mount Royal and the South Industrial area of the city were removed from the proposed Saskatoon Centre—University riding and placed in the newly defined Saskatoon West riding. In turn, to reflect another community of interest, the subdivisions to the west of the South Saskatchewan River, north of 42nd Street and east of Warman Road, were removed from Saskatoon West and added to Saskatoon—University.
  7. Lily Plain and areas south to McDowell have been moved into the Prince Albert electoral district to reflect the geographic reality that associates them with the city of Prince Albert.

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